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Ultimate Subscription Box

Subscription Boxes 

We know what you're thinking:

"Hey, I love the playsets! They're so fun and educational, and they keep my little ones occupied for hours."

And we hear you. So we just wanted to let you know that if you want to get them delivered right to your door every month, we've got a great deal for you!

Our subscription kits are a great way to build your sensory and wooden toy collection with three different boxes to choose from. Capturing the imaginations of children, making learning fun. 

Each month you will receive the ultimate happy post!  A themed play set which will include a range of play materials from small world toys, handpainted peg dolls, playdough, loose parts and sensory bases.

Providing hours of fun for little ones.

Toy Box 

Welcome your little ones to a whole new world of imagination with our exclusive subscription box.  Each month you’ll receive beautiful new handpainted wooden toys designed to stimulate children’s minds and encourage their creativity.


  • 3  Wooden Toys 

  • At least 2 of toys will be handpainted and newly designed exclusive      to subscribers only 

  • Information sheet and activity 

PRICE: £15 per month 

Toy Box

Starter Sensory Set 

Do you think you can always do with more sensory resources? Look no further. Every month, Little Things will surprise you with a themed wooden toy and a box of sensory goodies to inspire your next sensory moment. It's the perfect starter kit for anyone new to sensory play. 


  • One handpainted wooden toy 

  • Sensory play base 

  • A small selection of themed loose Parts 

  • Learning Resources and Information Sheet 

PRICE: £15 per month

Starter Subscription Box

Ultimate Sensory Box 

Get ready for the ultimate sensory play box that will arrive at your door every month. 


  • All Three wooden Toys 

  • At least One playbase 

  • Large selection of themed loose parts

  • Learning Resources and Information Sheet 

PRICE: £25 per month 

Ultimate Subscription Box_edited.jpg

 Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What age your sub boxes for?
A: They are UKCA certified for children 3 years plus due to small parts being a choking hazard. They are designed with children aged 3-5 years in mined however my 8 year old still enjoys playing with them and creating little stories with her toys. 

Q: Is there a minimum sign up period?
A: No. It is a monthly recurring payment and you can cancel your box anytime.

Q: When can I sign up?
A: Sign ups open on the 1st of every month and close on the 15th.  Sub boxes are posted out at the end of every month.  

Q: Can I find out the themes of the sub boxes?
A: The sub boxes are a surprise each month however will link in with a themed day or celebration that month e.g May's box was under the sea for World Turtle. Keep an eye out for sneek peeks of up and coming sub boxes on my Instagram and in newsletters. 

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